Functional & Stylish Water Dispenser for Your Lifestyle

Premium Water is proud to offer customers stylish, high-quality water dispensers with innovative design functions. These dispensers come in a range of colors to suit all lifestyles.

Innovative Design Features


Auto-Shrink Bottle

Long-lasting freshness. Once the bottle is affixed to the dispenser, it dynamically compresses as water is consumed, preventing ambient air from entering. This means you can enjoy the purest, freshest water until the very last drop.

meet the founder
meet the founder


Safety-first child lock

Both cold and hot water dispensers are affixed with a safety child lock, so it is safe and reassuring to use for households with children. Additionally, there is a removable tap cover which restricts the operations of both taps, preventing accidents when handled by young children.


Room Temperature Water

By turning OFF either hot water or cold water switch you can dispense the water at room temperature. When dispensing room temperature water from the hot water tap Turn OFF the hot water switch. When dispensing room temperature water from the cold water tap Turn OFF the cold water switch.

Note: Leaving the hot or cold water switches OFF for a long period of time may cause insanitation. Please follow the instruction: - In order to circulate the water within the water dispenser, dispense the water regularly by turning on both hot water and cold water switches.

meet the founder
meet the founder


Hot and Cold Taps

Convenience at your fingertips. Hot (about 87℃) ,cold (about 6℃) , and room temperature water are available in one dispenser, and both are immediately accessible.