It all starts from the source

Rainfalls. Melting mountain snow. All these seeping into Mt. Fuji’s earth, filtered through layers of volcanic rocks, pooling collectively into a near century-old aquifer that has remained protected from external elements, unspoiled by human touch.

Mt. Fuji’s thick layer of basalt serves as an extraordinary filtration system of nature —cleansing the water of large particulates while infusing it with minerals that include zinc and vanadium.

Premium Water gains access to this deep natural spring through an artesian well, taking all measures to ensure that the water we harvest from its depth is kept pristine.

Water Attributes
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No compromises in providing the tastiest water

Keeping hydrated is crucial to our health. The quality of water we take in also is a key factor in enhancing our well-being. Many people, however, do not drink enough water because they don’t quite like the taste of the water they have, most often sourced from a tap. Chemicals used to sanitize tap water to make it potable, the deterioration of water pipes over time, all these might lend to some unpleasantness in the flavor of drinking water. Premium Water does not compromise in the quality of our product. Apart from its award-winning taste, the water we bring to your table has soft alkalinity and is good in mineral balance.

By not using the heat treatment, the natural mineral water keeps dissolved oxygen.

In addition, our unique filtration system ensures that our water retains its natural flavor and healthful benefits, while ensuring its safety for your body’s intake.

Award-Winning Taste

2021 Monde Selection Gold Award

No.1 Share Within Delivery Water Market

Research by Japan Marketing Research Organization, Inc. Survey outline: Competitive survey of the water server industry (number of new contracts in the last year) Survey period As of July 8, 2020

No. 1 Customer Satisfaction

My Voice Communications Inc Research (Japan time: July 2020 "Survey on the use of water servers" Satisfaction level of experienced users No.1)

The difference of natural spring mineral water

Tap Water
TREATMENTChemical treatment
Filtered Water
TREATMENTHeat treatment
Enhanced Water
ORIGINMultiple sources
TREATMENTChemical treatment
Premium Water
ORIGINSourced from Mt.Fuji
PROCESSFiltered by nature
Filtered in house facility
TREATMENTNon-heated treatment
Tap WaterFiltered WaterEnhanced WaterPremium Water
ORIGINMunicipal-basedMunicipal-basedMultiple sourcesSourced from Mt. Fuji
DisinfectionScreening/FiltrationDistillationFiltered by nature Filtered in house facility
TREATMENTChemical treatmentHeat treatmentChemical treatmentNon-heated treatment

Superior Japanese Quality Standards

A daily rigor of tests and checks are strictly enforced to achieve the optimum safety and quality of the water we deliver to your homes. From sourcing to delivery, our processes have been streamlined to bring healthful and clean natural spring mineral water from Mt. Fuji to your door.

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Good in mineral balance. Unheated treatment helps to keep dissolved oxygen in the water. For your everyday morning habit, a cup of Premium Water


From the point of extraction at Fujiyoshida City near Mt. Fuji, Premium Water is handled, tested, quality-assured, and delivered to Philippines from Japan through a controlled process.


Unheated treatment and tasty water. Suitable for baby milk, cooking, rice and coffee!