Consistent Quality Checks to Japanese Health Standards

Premium Water is bottled at source. We go beyond required public safety standards by conducting quality inspections more than 10 times a day. Every 1 hour, we check our water for changes in its conditions. By constantly inspecting our water for any harmful pathogens and microorganisms, we ensure our goal of providing crystal clean water that is tasty and safe for you and your loved ones to drink.

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The production line is completely automated, ensuring conditions are clean and sterile.

4-Step Filtration

Completely non-heated treatment. Foreign objects and bacteria can be removed without compromising water quality. 

Quality Control

Superior process examination and management system to ensure high quality, clean, safe water.

Unique Filtration Method

The water extracted from Fujiyoshida City near Mt. Fuji is already deeply filtered by volcanic rock approximately 200m underground. As it is high quality water with very few impurities, heat treatment is unnecessary. Instead, we use four separate filters to remove extraneous materials and sterilize the water. At just 0.45 μm, the eyes of our filters are finer than the E. coli group and can capture microbes, bacteria, fungi and other water-based microorganisms. 

By using a non-heated process, we are able to deliver the water with its natural mineral balance and pure flavor.